Community’s Guidelines
Effective date: 27 July 2023.
Introductory Provisions
These Gio Community’s Guidelines (hereinafter referred to as the “Guidelines”) contain the complete guidelines between Prequel, Inc., the owner of the Gio app (hereinafter referred to as “Prequel”, “we”, “us”) and you. Prequel has the right to change, add, rename or leave unchanged any section, paragraphs and subparagraphs of the Guidelines without prior notice to you about such changes. Wherever possible, we will notify you of any substantial changes of the Guidelines via the Gio application or other communication methods provided by us. The valid version of the Guidelines shall be the version that is published on our website.

The Gio app was created for your storytelling, your self-expression and your creativity. We believe that everyone is a creator! In Gio Community, we value diversity, equality, support, respect, growth and open-mindedness and we walk the walk of these values every day, and use them as a guide - not only inside the app but outside as well. We want to make Gio a safe space for everyone; however, a safe space is impossible without mutual respect and care for each other. That’s why we have established Gio Community’s Guidelines, based on respect and understanding, to make our current and potential users feel safe and welcome. Our Guidelines are a flexible document and can be updated depending on the Community’s behaviour, emerging issues, and your reports and concerns. Thus, we ask you to check our Guidelines from time to time. You’re an important part of creating a friendly and safe environment in the Gio Community. Let us create a safe space for everyone together!
Nudity, sexually explicit content
The Gio app is neither a place to post nudity or any kind of pornography, nor for sexually explicit content, including content depicting or supporting sexual acts with no agreements, intimate imagery shared without agreement and sexual solicitation. Thus, we ask you not to upload or share:
- Content depicting genitals of any kind that includes also pubic regions, female nipples and/or areola and unclothed buttocks;
- Content depicting sexual intercourse or acts including oral sex, or erotic kissing;
- Content depicting sexual fetishes of any kind;
- Content depicting sexual exploitation;
- Content depicting sexual arousal or stimulation;
- Content depicting the simulation of sex of any kind, including graphically depicted sexual acts, either verbally, in the text (including emojis), or through the use of any in-app features. ‍
However, in some cases partial nudity, shared with no sexualized nature can be allowed; for instance, posts created for the purposes of education, self-awareness, advocacy or representing nudity of art objects.
Harassment, bullying
We care about the psychological well-being of any member of the Gio Community; to support a safe and friendly environment inside our Community, any content containing all expressions of abuse, shame, insult, or humiliation of others is unacceptable. Thus, we ask you not to upload or share:
- Content depicting inappropriate attitudes toward others including degrading, shaming, or the harassment of others;
- Content inciting violence of any kind or encouraging coordinated harassment;
- Content involving wishes of death to anybody, disease, physical harm, or other harm to a person, animal or any other creature;
- Content glorifying, disparaging or celebrating violent tragedies or victims;
- Content containing willful and deliberate harm or intimidation; for instance, cyberstalking or trolling;
- Content depicting unwanted sexual contact or any other unwanted actions of a sexual nature;
- Content that includes humiliation or disrespect of another person's sexual activity and identity;
- Content, morphing or revealing image of any individual in order to portray or imply sexual suggestiveness or engagement in sexual activity;
- Content revealing or treating to reveal an individual's private sexual life, including also threats to publicize digital content, sexual history, or names of previous sexual partners;
- Content exposing, or threatening to expose, a person's sexual orientation without their agreement and knowledge;
- Content, involving an individual's account, personal data, or personally identifiable information enabling abuse, trolling, or harassment.
Minor safety
We have zero tolerance for any content and other acts that perpetuate the abuse, harm, endangerment, or exploitation of minors. To ensure the safety of minors, we ask you not to upload or share:
- Content depicting and/or soliciting sexual activity of any kind that involves underage sexual contact between a minor and an adult or between minors with a significant age difference;
- Content depicting sexual fetishism or sexual arousal involving underages;
- Content containing sexually suggestive language objectifying minors or involving them in any other way;
- Content involving links to third-party sites that contain material involving the sexual exploitation of minors;
- Content depicting child abuse or the infliction of physical or emotional trauma on a minor;
- Content sharing, resharing or offering to obtain or distribute child sexual abuse material;
- Content depicting, promoting, normalizing or glorifying paedophilia or the sexual assault of underages;
- Content depicting or promoting grooming advances;
- Content depicting, promoting, normalizing or glorifying any kind of grooming behaviours;
- Content depicting nudity of minors or offering nudity to minors;
- Content depicting underages with sexually explicit song lyrics in the background;
- Content depicting a process of minor undressing;
- Content representing minor minimal clothing that is not relevant to the location;
- Content suggesting, promoting, depicting or imitating possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, drugs or any other prohibited substances by minors;
- Content, offering to target instructions for minors on how to buy, sell, or trade alcohol, tobacco, or controlled substances;
- Content, depicting or promoting physical abuse, neglect, endangerment, or psychological disparagement of minors.
Illegal activities, regulated goods
We want to ensure that the Gio app and Gio Community are a place free of any form of criminal activity. Content will be removed if it contains any kind of illegal goods or actions or promotion of any illegal mood and actions. Thus, we ask you not to upload or share:
- Content depicting the purchase or selling of any regulated goods, restricted items and other controlled substances, such as drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, pharmaceuticals, weapons, toxic substances, and counterfeit goods;
- Content providing instructions or promoting any kind of criminal activity, such as swatting, vehicular break-in and theft, or fraudulent money-making schemes;
- Content promoting any kind of illegal goods or services, such as the sale of drugs, escort services, or prostitution;
- Do not use our platform for human trafficking or any related activities;
- Content, depicting, promoting or encouraging acts of physical harm, such as assault or kidnapping;
- Content threatening the safety of others, including swattingContent depicting, promoting or encouraging human exploitation, including human smuggling, bonded labour, domestic servitude, sex trafficking, or prostitution;
- Content, depicting or promoting the poaching or illegal trade of wildlife;
- Content offering the purchase, sale, trade, or solicitation of unlawfully acquired or counterfeit goods;
- Content providing instructions on how to conduct criminal activities that include:
- Antique Stores
- Sexual Encounter Firms
- Consumer Credit Reporting Agencies
- Detective Agencies
- Protective Agencies
- Security Services including Armored Cars, Civic, Social, and Fraternal Political Organizations - does not include nationally recognized political parties, Religious Organizations excludes nationally recognized religious organizations/faiths;
- Bail and Bond Payments
- Drugs, Drug Proprietors, and Chemists’ Goods
- Content depicting, promoting or normalizing anything else against the law.
Intellectual property
As a Community of creators, we value and support the intellectual property of any creator. Gio aims to encourage you to create and share your creations, being sure of their safety. Thus, we ask you not to upload or share content involving someone else's copyrighted or trademarked work without their permission and/or knowledge.
Private information
We find the fact of sharing private information of others an act of abuse. Thus, we ask you not to upload or share:
- Content, disclosing personal information of the others, such as email address, residential address, telephone number, or photographs of a person’s residence;
- Content, disclosing personal information, such as national identification numbers, passport numbers, drivers licenses, or username and password logins;
- Content, disclosing any kind of personal financial information such as credit card numbers, or credit card and bank account information;
- Content, encouraging or inciting others to hack or reveal another person's account, personal data, or personally identifiable information (PII).
Terrorism and hate organizations and individuals
Gio Community is a space free from cruelty and violence. That’s why any kind of content promoting any type of harmful or aggressive behaviour is forbidden. Thus, we ask you not to upload or share:
- Content promoting, glorifying, supporting or praising dangerous, terroristic, or criminal individuals and/or organizations;
- Content encouraging participation in, or intends to recruit individuals to, dangerous, terroristic, or criminal organizations;
- Content, depicting names, symbols, logos, flags, slogans, uniforms, gestures, salutes, illustrations, portraits, lyrics, or other objects meant to represent dangerous, terroristic, or criminal individuals and/or organizations.
We value diversity, equality, respect and support and we work to bring our values into the Gio Community. That is why any discriminating, aggressive content, promoting bullying, hate or any other violence and intolerance to individuals or groups of people based on certain attributes is forbidden. These attributes include:
- Content somehow discriminating, attacking, or, in the contrary, promoting hatred, harm, or violence towards, individuals or groups based on the following protected attributes:
- Race
- Ethnicity
- Ancestry
- National origin or immigration status
- Religious affiliation
- Caste
- Gender
- Gender identity
- Sexual orientation
- Age
- Disability (physical or mental)
- Disease.
- Content depicting any logos, symbols, flags, slurs, negative stereotypes, uniforms, salutes, gestures, caricatures, illustrations, or names of individuals related to hateful ideologies;
- Content, condoning, idolizing, or trivializing violent events that have occurred or may occur based on someone’s membership in a protected attribute;
- Content that somehow denies well-documented factual events have taken place or portrays such events as hoaxes or conspiracy theories;
- Content glorifying, commending, or idolizing perpetrators of any kind of violent events;
- Content that somehow dehumanises or degrades individuals or groups based on a protected attribute
- Content that justifies, normalises or promotes exclusions or segregation of individuals or groups based on a protected attributeContent reinforcing or spreading harmful stereotypes.
The basis for the Gio Community is trust and confidence. That is why we check with accuracy the authenticity of interactions, profiles etc to avoid spam or fake engagement, impersonation, and misleading information that causes harm, or that violates any intellectual property rights. Thus, we ask you to avoid the following actions:
- Create, spread, or engage in spammy behaviour of any kind for any reason, such as creating inauthentic accounts, accounts en masse via manual or automated means, or new accounts if you have been banned under the Community Guidelines;
- Create accounts to impersonate people or organizations to mislead others;
- Create, post, or share synthetic or manipulated content (deep fakes) that somehow may confuse, mislead, or deceive others;
- Post misleading information to incite harm, fear, panic, or disrupt civic processes;
- Upload or distribute files that contain malware, spyware, or other materials that seem to be malicious or harmful.
Violence, Threats
We care about a friendly environment in the Gio Community, which is why any content, containing any kind of violence or cruelty is forbidden. Thus, we ask you not to upload or share:
- Content, depicting war car crashes or any other accidents, decapitations, suicide, terrorism, murder, or executions;
- Content, depicting wounds in case of injury is the core focus;
- Content, depicting any kind of torture, skinning, or slaughter of animals or animal abuse;
- Any kind of content that may be classified as horrifying, violent, or distressing;
- Content with treatments to cause physical, emotional, or financial harm towards others;
- Content with treatments to reveal personal data or personally identifiable information (PII), including residential address, private email address, private phone number, bank statement, social security number, or passport number;
- Content with treatments of blackmail or hacking another individual's account.
Self-harm, suicide
In Gio Community, we care about emotional well-being and overall mental health. That is why we protect all members of the Gio Community from content with any self-harm actions:
- Content glorifying self-made wounds;
- Content involving instructions on committing self-harm of any kind;
- Content depicting body changes that promote unhealthy eating habits that may lead to self-harm;
- Content depicting the usage of drugs or any other controlled substances
- Content involving guidelines and instructions for obtaining, making, selling or using any kind of illegal substances;
- Content depicting, promoting, normalizing or glorifying suicide commitment;
- Content depicting offering or promoting Suicide games, dares, pacts, or hoaxes;
- Content, depicting, promoting, glorifying, promoting or encouraging self-harm and/or eating disorders;
- Content providing instructions on engaging in self-harm of any kind or eating disorders;
- Content involving self-harm or eating disorder games, dares, pacts, or hoaxes;
- Content depicting, promoting, glorifying or normalizing eating disorders or other dangerous weight loss behaviours associated with eating disorders.